Changzhou jianhua auto parts factory: what are the taboos of car maintenance (III)

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  Six, avoid scald. The engine that just shut off has a high temperature due to various parts of the engine (water tank, exhaust pipe, power steering tank and spark plug, etc.), which must be touched carefully to prevent burns. If the engine temperature is high, do not remove the tank cover or release the water release switch to prevent burns.
  Seven, avoid damage to the car. Brake fluid can damage the paint film of automobile (including leather shoes), it can dissolve the paint film quickly. Brake fluid is harmful to eyes. If it splashes into eyes, rinse immediately with water.
  Do not pay attention to rotating parts and automobile road test protection. While the engine is running, note that hands, clothing, and tools must be removed from the rotating fan and fan belt (ring, watch, tie, etc.). During the test, all parts of the car should be able to ensure safe parking and effective steering. A car in road test must have a clear test mark. During test runs, personnel must ride safely and on special test tracks.
  Don't pay attention to the cleaning of the workplace. When closing the bonnet or other assembly covers, check whether tools, dishcloths, removed parts and other items are forgotten and can only be closed after confirmation.
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