Changzhou jianhua auto parts factory: what are the taboos of car maintenance (II)

2019-07-03 Author:admin

  Four, avoid mechanical injury. The maintenance of the car is related to all aspects, in the maintenance operation, should set up a clear operation sign, in order to prevent others from being injured by the wrong operation. In the start of the car, should pay attention to the gearbox, in order to prevent car accident injury. When working under the engine cover, other people should be allowed to leave the cab in case of sudden rotation of the engine or action of others' control mechanism, resulting in accidental injury. If it is necessary to work under the car, should set up a clear sign, and the car with cover car wood cover. When you lift a car with a jack, the jack should be placed smoothly. Before driving should be ready to drive tools (driving bench), prohibit the use of bricks and other fragile objects. When installing the assembly, do not use your hand to test the screw hole, lock hole, so as not to roll off the finger. When testing the engine, do not work under the vehicle.
  Five, avoid fire. In the maintenance of the car, often need to use oil, cleaning agent and other flammable, explosive items, at this time do not forget fire measures, ready fire extinguishers, just in case. Do not smoke near the fuel tank or the storage battery, as combustible gas from the tank and hydrogen from the storage battery can easily be ignited.
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